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Environmental Care is the practice of protecting the natural environment by individuals, organizations and governments. Its objectives are to conserve natural resources and the existing natural environment and, where possible, to repair damage and reverse trends. Creation care is an environmental movement in the United States in which Evangelical Christians have emphasized biblical mandates concerning humanity's role as steward and subsequent responsibility for the care taking of Creation. While the movement has focused on different environmental issues, it is best known for its focus of addressing climate action from a biblically-grounded theological perspective. 

                    Environmental Care Areas

                    • Agricultural Sector

                    • Environmental Development

                    • Environmental Missions

                    • Sustainable Communities

                    • Sustainable Environments

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                    Transformational Goals

                    Empower sustainable agriculture approaches

                    Develop sustainable communities

                    Facilitate environmental development practices

                    Strengthen biologically diverse ecosystems

                    Equip others from an environmental theology perspective

                    Christian Faith-based Collaborators

                    Missions agencies and other mission entities

                    Non-profits and NGOs

                    For-profit companies

                    Schools, homeschool groups, colleges

                    Churches and church groups

                    Missional University Partnerships

                    Academic Resources

                    Experiential Opportunities

                    Research & Development

                    Recruitment Enhancement

                    Advisement & Refinement

                    Shared Christian Beliefs
                    Knowledge Sharing
                    Enhanced Opportunities
                    Increased Connections
                    Better Support & Advice
                    Geographic Focus



                    inter-organizational cooperation

                    Strategic Objectives


                    Operational Objectives

                    education, enhanced recruitment

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                    Network Characteristics



                    Personal commitment to the university Christian faith statement


                    Personal commitment to the university ethos statement


                    Passionate about the mission of the Missional University


                    Learn how to integrate your story with God's story in the world


                    Have a vision of what God is calling them to achieve & how they can accomplish their objectives


                    Are steely focused and have the persistence to stick with ventures over the long haul to see their efforts succeed


                    As constant learners they are readers, tinkers, and active listeners with a curious mind and an insatiable appetite for knowledge


                    Recognize the value of the synergy that comes from working with other people recognizing each person's unique contributions